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Ayur Kera Products

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What products are used

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  • Pure base oils are used for the Ayurvedic treatments, such as Sesame oil or almond oil. For muscle tension and pain ayurvedic herbal oils are used, which are purely vegetable origin.

    The aroma oil for aroma oil massage corresponding to a mixture of a base oil with a flavor or fragrance - Aroma Essence.

    Some products are imported from India, the majority comes from domestic wholesalers who have had years of experience with Ayurveda and its products. It only used products that are subject to strict quality controls.

    The contents of the herbal compress is prepared fresh immediately before each use / made from fresh ingredients, thus we expect a deeper and better effect of the massage.


    Please share time with you when you respond to a very sensitive skin and / or allergic to certain substances or natural means! You will be prompted before each treatment and again reminded!