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Ayur Kera Massages

  • Ayur Kera Massages
  • The name Ayur Kera points to the origin of today's Ayurveda back and although the state of Kerala in India, therefore, is Ayur Kera for Ayurveda from Kerala. At the same time the home of  Varghese Rajesh, your personal Ayurvedic massage therapist who has completed his education in Kerala.

    Ayur Kera is adapted to today's modern time as a Wellness Health Institute. It is impossible for many people to come almost from the stress of everyday life and take time out for themselves and this is in one place., Where you may like to drop and wants

    You have the option to do this with Ayur Kera mobile! Here I go, Rajesh Varghese, deal specifically with your needs and your time and offer you also refer to the spatial flexibility. You can order to where you want to find and shut down time and rest me there. This can be at your home or business owner or manager: to have come to your place of work with the possibility of several colleagues or employees to enjoy a massage for relief and relaxation of your colleagues and employees and increase their well-being. For this course, you can enjoy special rates on request.

    Of course, you have the option to book massages at present two fixed locations on request.
    All massages and treatments are available in the practices.

    The Shirodhara treatment is being conducted exclusively in St. Tönis!

    Both practices have a nice and pleasant ambience and decor and are inviting you to relax! Make yourself a picture:

    Ayur Kera practice center: - Breite Straße 22 47798 Krefeld

    Ayur Kera practice St. Tönis: - 47918 Tönisvorst

    Ayur Kera Yoga

  • Ayur Kera Yoga
  • Ayur Kera  Yoga offers Hatha Yoga classes at, in this case the most important asanas (poses) taught in conjunction with the proper breathing techniques (pranayama), and the sun salutation and simple relaxation methods that you can simply repeat daily at home. Sivananda Yoga is a gentle and beginner-friendly yoga practice is based on five pillars: yoga poses (asanas), breathing (pranayama), proper relaxation (savasana), a vegetarian diet, and positive thinking, which is enhanced by meditation. The influence of the Sivananda Yoga, which was derived from Hatha Yoga, is unmistakable in the yoga elements at Ayur Kera Yoga courses.

    But Ayur Kera Yoga  deals as well (on request) with yoga exercises that have a positive impact on certain diseases, such as Diabetes or high blood pressure. The composition of the asanas or exercises is designed so that the disease can reduce using conscious healthy diet, adequate fluid intake and exercise in the fresh air, the conscious resting phases in daily life, well-being is increased and symptoms. This is important, as with the Ayurvedic treatments also that regularity is maintained, so that in the long run can set an improvement and relief.


    Yoga classes are offered from a minimum of 5 people. Prices are available on request! As a trained yoga teachers with intensive training at the Sivananda Yoga center in India, you may like to book me for classes in your institute.