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What is Yoga

  • What is Yoga
  • Yoga is an originally from India native, Hindu doctrine and form of relaxation in through various exercises and positions (asanas) using the proper breathing or breathing techniques (pranayama) the harmony of body, mind and soul is brought about. Yoga is by his equally holistic view of the human being an important part of Ayurveda and is applied in addition to the different physical oil applications of Ayurveda to promote mental and spiritual well-being.

    There are several ingredients and methods of yoga. In Western countries, is a modified form of yoga known, the Hatha Yoga, which is contrary to the execution of various movements and postures / Postal ions (asanas) as based on a pure meditative form. Applied as well known and often is the Sivananda Yoga (see below).

    Yoga helps to influence the general condition of positively on both physical and mental-spiritual level on. With regular use, the body from head to toe supple and moving, the mind is clearer and more positive thinking and positive energy is released, which in turn comes the body good.